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Welcome to Afro Fuse Box, we’re an informative radio show featuring Afrobeats, Caribbean, Fusion & Cross Over music for your listening pleasure. As we prepare for Season III (3), you can listen to our archived shows with host Israel's Praiz. Though we are based in Greater & Metro Atlanta, the fact that we’re online means that you can listen to our sweet soundwaves from anywhere on the planet. If you’ve got a song request or a shout-out to pa... Read more

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If you’re anything like us, you need some good jams to get you through the day. Our show airs a variety of Afro-infused music for those listeners who like a bit of variety throughout the day. Our Host/DJ offers the best insights into new Afrobeat music, interviews with movers and shakers from around the globe, and there’s even time for some giveaways and sweet, sweet prizes. Tune in today to try us out, you won’t be disappointed.

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No radio show would be successful without listening to their listeners’ feedback. That’s at least what we believe. Our aim is to use your feedback to guide the evolution of our programmes to ensure the songs we play are the ones you want to hear on the daily. You can see that this works as our customer reviews are stellar, and our listening figures keep growing! Why not give us a try today?

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